Reader Comments

“What a magnum opus! And so riveting! The gallery of personae,  the major and minor plots woven together, the delving deep into  emotions and  attachments and  ideas, not to speak of highlighting the historical resolution of the partition of Palestine on November 29, 1947. And the  person of Jeanne – a glowing star in  the firmament!”

Yael Medini (Sharett), Author of Pale Blue Valley.

‘At times it is as though you are in the midst of a Graham Greene, then it switches a different kind of tension that rings with notes of  Ian McEwan’s ‘Saturday’ or ‘Enduring Love’. But in the end it is Lord’s voice and the muscular heft of his own family story that burn through, leaving ‘Come November’ with the flavours of both thriller and as a parable too for this particular time of tension in the Middle East.’          Justine Hardy, Author

SCOTT LORD brilliantly weaves together the story of the redemption of the Jewish people, with the founding of the State of Israel, and the redemption of an American family searching a lifetime to put their broken lives in order. Add in an assassination and vivid description of romance in the countryside of Umbria, Italy, and you have a novel you can’t put down….fabulous!

Stanley P. Gold, Former Chairman, Los Angeles Jewish Federation.

“Come November” is a compelling tale blending the international intrigue surrounding the UN creation of the state of Israel with the lives and loves of characters that you care about.  It is a wonderful depiction of discovery, disappointment, reconciliation and ultimately, forgiveness—in short, a rich and satisfying read.

Michael Friedman, M.D., Emeritus CEO, City of Hope

What a wonderful read. I could not put down, Come November by Scott Lord.
Fact and fiction, romance and love, suspense and tension – all blend seamlessly together to narrate a compelling story. Come November is a testament that love knows no time barrier. Fifty years later, Scott Lord’s main protagonists, Jeanne and John, prove that a second chance to find happiness together, does happen. This is an uplifting read filled with hope and charm.
Roberta Seret, Ph.D., Author, Transylvanian Trilogy